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We were truly fortunate to have had Samantha leading our 8 week Stress Management Training series.  The results from the Legal Secretaries to Attorneys, were overwhelming.  In addition to boosting morale, those who had taken the on-site classes felt euphoric, peaceful and less stressed at work.

Samantha really made a difference and lasting impression on those who experienced this special training.  I highly recommend her teachings to anyone, as the benefits are endless.


Samantha's knowledge of yoga, her amazing yogi spirit and her kind and gentle approach made our first session life changing.  Though I had been to many classes I don't think I ever really knew how to do the poses or how to quiet my mind.   Samantha builds a foundation, and without realizing it suddenly you understand yoga from a philosophical place as opposed to just physical.

My husband is an athlete and although he's amazing at tennis, golf, basketball and baseball - he couldn't even touch his hands to his feet.  He found stretching frustrating because as an athlete he wanted to accomplish and win.  Samantha taught him to slow down. She taught him it was ok to be where you are at.. to enjoy the process.  I see doing yoga with Samantha as a privilege,  I hope to know her for many years to come.


Samantha came to my home and instructed me before and during my pregnancy.

She helped me with breathing and she knew exactly what I needed during the different stages of pregnancy.  Samantha has a calming and healing effect, which was very necessary during that time.

I had a wonderful and easy pregnancy and birth, which I feel was due in large part to my yoga practice with Samantha. She always had a great attitude and an enjoyable presence.


I have been taking yoga classes from Samantha for over 10 years.  She is an amazing teacher with an uncanny knowing of just what my body needs.  She is fun, caring, sensitive, enlightening and her classes are always challenging and inspired.  She comes to each class with a deep foundation and knowledge of yoga and people.  You can only benefit from her as a person and a teacher.


We've felt healthier and happier since we began exercising with Samantha and we can't speak highly enough of her methods. The atmosphere she creates is pleasant, efficient and enjoyable, and it's always a pleasure to take lessons from her.  Anyone who receives the benefit of her teaching will be fortunate indeed.