Born of Indian and Trinidad descent, Samantha was raised in London.  As a third generation yogi she is honored to have traveled and studied with some of the finest teachers worldwide.  

As a well-known and respected teacher in her community, her teachings combine movement, meditation, philosophy and breath in an authentic and inspirational way.

She has been a luminescent guide for her students, many of whom have gone on to become teachers themselves.

Teaching yoga for over two decades, Samantha has also been involved as a consultant for the launching and opening of several studios including a Bikram Studio in Manhattan Beach, CA. Yoga Sanctuary Studio in Venice, CA. and Air Yoga in Zurich, Switzerland.

Samantha has designed yoga programs for UCLA (Executive Education Dept.), taught a variety of corporate retreats for AT&T, ID-PR, and has been invited 

to the Cannes film festival.  She continues to lead private retreats and has the trust of many celebrities.

Samantha lives in Venice, California where she predominately teaches privately and offers regular group classes at Light On Lotus in Mar Vista,  and 

The Ashram in Calabasas. 



Samantha has danced her whole life.  Since the age of three she studied ballet, contemporary modern and tap dance.  Competitions and performances throughout her teenage years gave her a discipline and commitment towards the inquiry of the body/mind connection.  

In her early twenties she discovered Gabrielle Roth's 5Rhythms, (Flow, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical and Stillness) and with consistency practiced for twenty years The Waves, Sweat Your Prayers and Fumbling towards Ecstasy. 

Around 2011 she followed her teacher into exploring and transitioned into

Arjuna Vinn Marti's creation of SoulMotion, a conscious mindful movement practice. 

The Four Landscapes are the foundation of a SoulMotion's Journey.  

Intimate/Self, Commune/Relationship, Community/Together 

and the Infinite/As One. 

Samantha is still captivated and passionate about this odyssey and became a certified SoulMotion teacher in 2015. 

Samantha recognizes that her dance/yoga practice and teaching, is a lifestyle, a ritual, and an honor. She feels privileged to work with, guide and serve her community of artists, musicians, teachers and professionals towards discovering their own path of grace, fulfillment and devotion.. 



"Praying is talking to God, Meditating is Listening to God" - Yogi Amrit Desai -

Samantha started learning mantras early in her yoga practice from the Krishna devotees. 

She went to North Fork, California. to sit with Goenka's Vipassana meditation.  which has been told, that this is the technique the Buddha used to gain enlightenment.  Vipassana practice reveals the inner workings of the mind, which have the tendency to bounce from thoughts of craving/clinging or aversion/dislike.  The mind projecting into the future or lamenting in the past. The practice shows how to find equanimity. No talking, no reading or writing, no yoga asana. No outside stimulation.  16 hour days of deep introspection.  Watching the workings of the mind, through those 4 directions  (like/dislike/projecting/lamenting) gives a solid focus and foundation.

Two 10 day courses and a 3 day course later, Samantha was introduced to Bhakti yoga (devotion) and Sri Shankarcharya which she recognized immediately as her teacher, guru and guide, The teachings Shankarcharya presents have deep roots in Hindu Tantrism. This philosophy marries the Eternal Becoming of the Buddhists with the Eternal Self of the Vedantins.