Hatha Yoga Program

Hatha Yoga Ha(sun)Tha(moon) in its simplest form is best known as the physical part of yoga, the practice of poses (Asana). Hatha also means ‘force’ in sanskrit. In this program we are introducing the classical sun and moon salutations (Surya Namaskar) combined with conscious breathing (Ujjayi breath). These movements in sun salutation (A) linked together with the breath are known as (Vinyasa).

The salutations are a complete set of poses unto themselves. By doing them with repetition, diligence and patience you will experience this practice as the basic foundation of any vinyasa yoga class.

These poses connect and build your strength and flexibility, tones the muscles and brings balance and concentration. When combined with Ujjayi breathing you increase the capacity of your lungs and heat the body, so you sweat and eliminate toxins through the skin. So don’t be shy to keep your room warm when practicing.

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